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Zhejiang Lingyang Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 in southeast China. With 1000 employees, we have grown into the region's leading manufacturer of disposable medical devices. Our factory covers an area of ​​70,000 square meters, with 20,000 square meters of dedicated space, equipped with a 100,000-grade GMP clean room. One of our key strengths is our commitment to maintaining high standards of quality control on all medical devices. We have implemented a comprehensive quality control system to ensure that every product leaving our factory meets the required standards.

In order to improve efficiency and precision, we are equipped with automatic assembly machines in the workshop. We've had impressive success in terms of volume. Our factory produces 600 million syringes and 150 million infusion sets annually. This significant production volume demonstrates our ability to meet the growing demand for single-use medical devices. Our product line is diverse and tailored to meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals. We specialize in the production of disposable syringes, self-destructing syringes, safety syringes, disposable (burette) infusion sets, surgical masks, medical masks, hypodermic needles, scalp needles, safety boxes, needle destroyers. By offering a wide range of products, we aim to meet the different requirements of medical institutions and professionals. To demonstrate our commitment to quality and excellence, we have obtained certifications such as CE, ISO13485 and ISO9001. Our self-disabling syringes have also received WHO PQS qualification, highlighting their compliance with international standards. Additionally, our retractable safety syringe has received FDA 510k clearance, proving its safety and reliability. We are very proud to be recognized as a famous brand product in Zhejiang Province, China. This recognition underscores our commitment to providing quality products and services to our customers. Although we have a strong presence in the domestic market, we also have important export markets covering Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries. Zhejiang Lingyang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of "people-oriented, honesty-oriented". This philosophy drives us to prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our customers. We welcome friends and customers from all over the world to cooperate with us and make meaningful contributions to human health and well-being. In conclusion, Zhejiang Lingyang Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is a reputable manufacturer of disposable medical devices with a strong focus on quality control and innovation. With a wide range of products and certifications, we have become a trusted supplier in domestic and international markets. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and well-being underscores our mission to contribute to the overall health of individuals worldwide.


Adhere to the principle of "Human oriented, Sincerity Focused", Lingyang stuff sincerely welcome friends and customers from all over the world for cooperation and marking contribution to human health as well.